We haven't really played any live shows, and don't have any plans for any live shows anytime soon. But here are some random pics of Uncle Dave, RNF, and other jackasses.

I wish I had this poster on my wall as a kid! Art by RNF with a tiny bit added by Uncle Dave.

Another masterpiece by RNF.

This bitch makes our blood boil. What a dumbass cunt.


Satellite photo taken at the exact moment ATF decided to come out of retirement.

Unlce Dave back in his modeling days. He really misses all the cock he used to get.

Luke, I'm not your father, but I did fist your mother!

Japanese fashion fucking rules!!! This has nothing to do with ATF, we just hope these jeans catch on over here.

Possible ATF album.

This tattoo is mandatory for all members of ATF.

Stiles; honorary member of ATF, and star of Uncle Dave and RNF's Teen Wolf 3 - Boof's Revenge